Pomegranate Farron

We started the cultivation of pomegranates in a total area of 130 acres in Farrai, an exceptional suburb of Patras due to its history and soil. The pomegranate variety which is grown is the «Wonderful» and its trade name is «Pomegranate Farron». The external appearance of the fruit and seed of this particular variety is...


Our company offers excellent saplings of high fruition in various sizes and ages cultured in cups of soil ready for planting almost throughout the year. “BacFresh” ensures applied expertise in the cultivation of the pomegranate and agronomic support throughout the course of cultivation...

Natural Juice "Pomegranate Farron"

The Natural Juice "Pomegranate Farron" is distinguished for its outstanding quality as it is squeezed directly during the fruit’s harvest and its sorting and cutting is performed entirely by hand. Disinfection and cleaning of the fruit is meticulous and highly demanding in terms of selection of the appropriate fruit for juicing...


Our products are distributed from 8 to 16 pieces per box. They are also available in Pallets.

8 - 16 pieces

4 - 5 kg


550kg - 600kg

8 - 16 pieces

4 - 5 kg