Pomegranate Farron

We started the cultivation of pomegranates in a total area of 130 acres in Farrai, an exceptional suburb of Patras due to its history and soil. The pomegranate variety which is grown is the «Wonderful» and its trade name is «Pomegranate Farron».

The external appearance of the fruit and seed of this particular variety is very appealing. The fruit is large with a unified red colored crust of medium thickness, deep red seeds with a semi- sweet taste. The fruits are optimal either for juice production or fresh consumption. The tree is vigorous and productive.

Both the excellent quality of the soil and the way of planting, layout and spreader (sagging) of the pomegranate is such so as to ensure maximum quality of the fruit. The specific fertilization program and irrigation system that supports the cultivation improves the quality and productivity of the pomegranate ensuring the full and balanced development of the tree.

The disposal of the product launches in November and can last until March. For any clarification regarding our product the «Pomegranate Farron» or orders please contact us.